Aacon, Inc. ("Aacon") is a well-established firm with extensive expertise in administering Disbursement Control Accounts for both sureties and lenders, resolving construction disputes, and in providing construction management and technical investigative services (claims handling) to the surety industry.

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Aacon's unique system of Surety Risk Management (SRM) in its most elemental form is a methodology for directly linking construction contract earnings (billings) to construction contract obligations (payables). Proper disbursement of all funds is imperative for timely completion and profitability of a project. more about SRM...



Benefits of Aacon’s Surety Risk Management (SRM) program are numerous for the surety - a structured approach to manage uncertainty through risk assessment, implementing strategies to manage and limit risk. more about SRM...


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AAcuTrack keeps surety fully informed - even when everything is going smoothly. more about AAcuTrack...

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Architect May be Liable to Unpaid Supplier - Where the project architect knew there was no payment bond and that subcontractor was not being paid, yet continued to certify payments to the general contractor and reduced the amount of retainage, it could be liable for breach of duty to use reasonable care to ensure payment was being made to subcontractors. read more


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Contractor Entitled to Rely Upon Govs Warranty of Specifications - Where a contractor had to revise the government's design and expend additional time and expense to construct a door for a helicopter hangar, the government argued unsuccessfully that the contractor was barred by a general disclaimer. read more


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